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… She’s sassy, she’s a little trashy. She likes the dirty jokes. But she’s very distinct from someone like Isabella. She’s very different. She’s much more for the people, about the common good. And when you have a whole party of people that are kind of like Lords and Ladies, she has her own kind of network of spies and stuff that she relies upon that are completely different from anyone else. Meaning that her demeanour, her attitude is kinda like a breath of fresh air in the Inquisition. Everyone is like very serious and then she comes along and is like, ‘I bought you a hat!’
Mike Laidlaw on Sera (via flawlesspenis)


Been a long year so far..many good has happened and many bad. But I’m glad I’m kind of back on track with drawing (really just “kind of”)

I’ve been given many opportunities to be in group shows this year and I’m so grateful. Though I am at a point where I question myself because none of my works have been sold…Maybe I’m not good enough yet? I will continue to improve! Just a bit on a low point at the moment.

ANYWAY…Enjoy this Maleficent piece! It was a fantastic movie!

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